Friday, May 13, 2011

Angelic Sacred Dying

The practice of Spiritual Death Midwifery is an art both ancient and new. It is a way of spiritually and energetically supporting one making the transition from this life into a new life with grace, dignity and deep reverence. It creates sacred space and offers the possibility that this most mysterious of life experiences be one of transformation and transcendence. Death Midwives act as guides and companions along this path we all will travel; a path that no one should be forced to travel alone.
It is time to look closely at how we approach death in this culture. It is time to address not only the medical, but also the very important spiritual, emotional and energetic needs of the dying in an empathetic, artistic and intuitive way. Every birth experience is unique. Every death is as well. Both transitions are of the utmost importance and both are better served by the assistance of a compassionate and knowledgeable aide.
Through the use of vigiling, music and many intuitive, energetic and empathic techniques, the Death Midwife creates a powerful bond with the one dying, builds a bridge from this world to the next, then gently and lovingly guides her charge across and unto the farther shore.
Death Midwifery honors all philosophical and spiritual traditions. It embraces and respects each individual’s unique end of life needs and concerns. It is an art that can be practiced by men and women, doctors, nurses, social workers, chaplains, loved ones and laypersons in hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, assisted living communities and home environments. There are many levels to this practice. Some wish to midwife themselves, some to aid their patients and clients. Some choose to serve families and friends. For some…it becomes a life path…an inner calling that cannot be ignored. All choices are worthy. All choices are welcome.
Spiritual Death Midwifery empowers one who is dying, one who is most vulnerable and fragile, in making this a conscious transition filled with peace and poignancy. Living life well is an art. How we die is no less so. We need never fear death, the ultimate transition, when we know that we are safe, supported and surrounded by love. One doesn't choose the path of Death Midwifery, it chooses you. Death and dying were the furthest things from my mind when I was younger. What is Death Midwifery? It is a spiritual calling at once quite new and very ancient. Some are called to serve family and loved ones. Some are called to serve themselves. For others it becomes a life path. To be in the presence of one transitioning from this life into the next is an immense honor and a sacred responsibility. For death begins with life's first breath and life begins at touch of death. The Gates of life and death.
I offer healing ceremonies around the death process to assist and to support this sacred time.