Sunday, May 15, 2011

Angels, The Other Side & Lost Loved Ones

Connecting with a lost loved one who may have transitioned to the other side with the help of the angels. Connect with the angels to help with grief support and soothe the heart. Ease the transition, by honoring and connecting with those you have lost. Angels are more than willing to help us. Just ask, and they are there in an instant. Angels will infuse you with healing light and also the soul that has transitioned to spirit form. One way to ease the grief is to create a sacred memory space such as an ancestor altar. This is a space that we create to have special items for our loved one. There are many ways to remember and honor your loved one. Allow your own inner self to guide your way. Sometimes our loved one may come to us in a dream and communicate or connect with us. If this has not been your experience, don't worry that you have losted your loved one. Your connection may come in a different way and form. Say a prayer and connecting with your spirit guides is one way to allow the angels to help. Asking the angels to help you connect with your loved one and open the heart. Ask the angels for help they will help if you ask. It does not need to be a formal prayer, just open your heart and be sincere is all you need to do. Just know that sometimes the timing has to be right to connect with a loved one. Divine timing, maybe for what ever reason the timing may not be right. Also just trusting that the process will occur when you both are ready.
One way to connect with the loved one is automatic writing and mediation. In automatic writing, to get started find a special place perhaps the ancestor altar space if you had created it. It can be any sacred space such as nature or even your living room. Get a notebook and it can even be something you get that is special for your dialog with your loved one. Lighting a white candle and saying a prayer to spirit and setting your intention. Asking that the angels be present and Archangel Micheal to oversee and protect the space and the dialog from any interference. Asking that your spirit guides be present. Closing your eyes and getting in a relaxed, meditative, open & receptive space ask the angels and your spirit guides to connect you and your loved one. You can call out their name over and over until you feel a connection or just know there presence is there. Also in your mind's eye see their face and bring their essence into your awareness. When connection has been made have your dialog and talk with them. Write down any messages or just feel what you feel and write down when the dialog is over. Another way is to write your loved one a letter and on the top of the page address them. Dear so and so and begin writing and receive messages in that form. When the dialog is over thank the angels and your loved one for coming and any other spirit guides who have shown up. If you connected with just spirit guides know that when the time is ready you will connect with your loved one in one form or another.
To help with grief call on Archangel Azrael who is the Angel of death and will ease the grief and comfort your heart. Call on this angel if you are going through trying times. Call on him to help during these times. Archangel Azrael will assist you with:

•Crossing over to the spirit world.
•Clearing blocks in your spiritual pathway.
•Grief Counselors

Archangel Azrael will help heal the emotions and he is associated with water. Colors that you can work with:
•White - to cleanse blocks and protect
•Pink - to open the heart and allow the grieving process to begin.
•Blue - to symbolize water and bring forth tranquility and transcendence

Archangel Azrael's primary angelic responsibility is to assist those who are making the transition from physical life to spirit life. Azrael ensures that the transition process is painless and effortless as well as offers safe passage to those who are transitioning, lovingly guiding them to their heavenly home. He also offers assistance to new arrivals helping them to adjust to life in Spirit. healing grief and painful emotions is the realm of this angel and all angels. They want us to have peace in our hearts. They will come to bring love and comfort and help us with joy.

Archangel Azrael, like all those within the Angelic Realm, will come with unconditional love, providing guidance and assistance toward our highest good and always honoring our Free Will. You have to ask and they will come.

All angels will bring cleansing and renew the spirit. They will assist in gentle form to release, heal and transform grief. They will help you find joy in your heart again. Release and heal the guilt, grief, anger and unforgivness and any other energy ready to be released. Ask the angels to purify the heart and mind.

Angel Prayer for comfort and peace:

Arachangel Azrael and all the angels of love and light,
Comfort my heart at this time surround me the healing, loving light to ease and comfort my mind, heart and spirit. I am ready to let go and ask that you carry my pain and ask that it be transformed for the highest light of all. Help me to find and be in joy in my spirit and live a life of joy and happiness. Thank you angels and put me in a pillar of healing, protective light. Thank you for your assitance at this time.
Rememebr that you are not alone. There are millions of angels for your assistance just ask and they are there in an instant.