Friday, October 7, 2011

The Ceremony of Love with Mother Mary

The Ceremony of Love~ Full Moon
Image of Mother Mary
Pink Rose petals
Three Pink Candles
Heart Shape Rose Quartz
Rose incense
Rose Oil

Put heart shape crystal in the center and one candle at the top and one on the sides.

write wishes for love put within the candles and under the crystal. Put rose petals on top of the crystal and sprinkle around. Anoit the candles with Rose oil and apply some to your heart space. Light the rose incense. Call in the sacred directions-the elements of the natural world. Create sacred space for yourself. Call in Mother Mary say: Mary~Mary~Mary Blessed mother you child is in need this hour. Call in the Angels and any other beings of light you work with. Call Mary three times and say: Mother of Light bless my wishes of love. Call in your ancestors or lost loved ones to help you. Welcome the energies and state your intention again three times and each time come from the heart. State your hearts yearnings. Ask, that the mother bring love to you and state how your life will change with this love. Have your time with the mother that is sacred to you. Enjoy your sacred space and just be in the energies. When you feel complete release the energies and thank the divine for your healing and for the love you received.Let candles burn out.Carry the crystal with you until your love arrives and when it does do what you will with the crystal and candles could release it into a body of water.